About Jay

After serving in the US Navy, Jay spent 10 years in the home mortgage industry before
continuing into the financial services field in 2007.

Jay attributes his business approach to the moment in time where his father physically needed to
retire after 31 years as an airline mechanic but did not know if retirement was an option
financially. There was an advisor who helped his father—patiently answering questions and
guiding him in making smart choices—that dramatically altered their family’s future. This
inspired and shaped his education-based approach to helping others navigate the financial
decisions that significantly impact their quality of life.

Jay sees each client as a unique puzzle and uses his years of experience to guide his clients into
customized solutions, balancing risk concerns with growth needs. His work with Principal Financial, AllState, and Mass Mutual, as well as his many years as an independent agent, uniquely qualify him as an educator, advocate, and advisor.